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Our Story

From the time of our humble begins as passionate Amazon sellers, as the founders of LFG we've kept abreast of policy updates as well as the demands of the Amazon landscape, in order to remain competitive among the seller community. Utilizing our experience we've established a wholesale company that is tailored to meet the needs of FBA sellers.

As all sellers come to find out- the lifeblood of online retail is inventory and the lack thereof will ultimately lead to a slide in ranking, decrease of Buy Box percentage, lower sales prices, and lower profits due to not keeping up with the demand of Prime members.  

Liquid FBA Gold is not only a niche wholesale, we consult. We consider each of our customer's needs in reference to improving their sales and account metrics. Our suggestions range from product evaluation, variation strategies, PPC guidance, shipping tips, to tactical pricing.

Organic sales rarely generate the capital most active sellers need to stay afloat, whether you consider yourself a novice, intermediate, or veteran seller.

LFG tailors its line of products using software that provides the various data points such as current trend, seller type/number of sellers on a given listing, up-to-date stock levels per ASIN, ceiling and floor of price history, average monthly sales, and much more.

Noting the many online videos geared towards Amazon startups, we look to make a different impact. Our goal is to supply sellers with actual goods to start them off on the right path to success, and meeting that need coupled with consulting and 3PL service makes us any seller's contracted dream team.

It is our mission to be the central sourcing for seller central. Catch our drift?

Welcome all, and good luck to all who strive for a more prosperous tomorrow.

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